Cycling Innovations

Cycle the once a poor man’s mode of transport has now taken shape of a stylised vehicle that is considered to be a possession. The kind of change in the look, design and features of cycles is a perfect example about the demand for stylised cycles. Cycles are quite popular in the children age group. As adults prefer showing their attitude and style in the cars they poses, children prefer showing off their style and attitude in the cycles they drive. The increase in various cycle races has also led to increase in cycle designs in terms additional features. A cycle from a mere mode of transport has changed into a powerful and stylish possession.

The most important aspects of a bicycle are the tyres, the seat and the lights. The seat which was a mere sitting space for the rider has gone a drastic make over matching the current day requirements. The contemporary seats which were mere metal plates covered with leather seat has now replaced with a new concept. These days the so called seats are no more called seats, they are called saddles. The innovations in the saddle are a perfect example of how much manufacturers pay attention to the comfort and ease of its customers.

One such breathtaking innovation is Fizik Curve. These saddles are made to make the riding experience easy and less painful. The Fizik Curve has 2 popular types FizikKurve Chameleon and Fizik Kurve Snake Arione.

FizikKurve Chameleon and Fizik Kurve Snake Arione are perfect examples of taking the best from the past designs and revising them modern needs that makes the perfect choice in the current scenario. Fizik Kurve Snake Arione are curved saddles that making the seating comfortable. These saddles are placed on flexible metal plates that rotate as you want while riding. These Fizik Kurve Snake Arione saddles are broad at the back and little leaner in the front. The spring attached at the base makes allows you adjust the seat as per your comfort. The cushioning is not over not under helping to avoid pressure points while riding the cycle. Though the  Fizik Kurve Chameleon saddles are priced a little high and people find it expensive, but for the comfort and ease they provide they are worth it.

Some of the features of the FizikKurve Chameleon are as follows:

Light weight

Semi-round shaped

Adjustable base flexibility

Perfect cushioning

One more entrant in the saddles field is the ISM Typhoon Saddle. This ISM Typhoon Saddle provides the rider with a wider sitting space for the sit bones which in turn help the riders to have a good support while riding. The reason behind designing such saddle is that most of the riders spent maximum time on the middle of the saddle than the front. Thus with this view more cushioning and wider centre of the saddle ensures almost no pain or numbness.

This article talks about the changes in the saddles. Especially about Fizik Kurve Chameleon and the latest saddle design ISM Typhoon Saddle.