Golf Slice

Golf slice is a type of shot where in the ball curves in the shape of a banana. It starts out to the left of the target and then bends considerably back to the right of the target. The slice at times is colloquially called the “banana ball” due to the shape of the slice trajectory. This shot is seldom played deliberately and is the most common mis-hit of amateur golfers.

For golfers, a slice can be one of the most frustrating parts of the game. It’s not a good feeling for golfers to hit the ball just to see it curving away from the intended target. However, this can be corrected with practice and few adjustments.

Types of Slices

There are three main types of slices. The most common one is the regular slice where the ball starts out fairly straight and then curves. The second one is the push slice, where the ball starts off heading one direction and then curves into the opposite direction. The third and the final one is the push slice where the ball starts in one direction and continues to curve in the same direction.

Causes of Golf Slice

Golfers would have probably corrected the slice had they known the causes for it. However, it’s widely believed that a slice occurs when the head of the golf club is unable to meet the ball squarely. There’s perhaps a sideways spin when the club face is open and it strikes the ball.

Correcting a Slice

Golf instructors mainly concentrate on this issue during the golf training program. This is a problem that can be corrected with regular practice. As per a study in the game, slice mainly occurs when a golfer turns his/her left hand too far to the left. Ensuring that the “Vee” between the thumb and knuckle on both hands point towards the right ear is a great way of checking the grip.

Slices can also be cured before hitting the ball. Ensure that the ball is in line with your stance because you’ll slice the ball if it’s ahead of your stance. Ensure that you’re not aiming too far left. Hitting the ball squarely is the best way of curing a slice. Make sure that your grip isn’t too tight or too loose as both cause slicing.

Don’t worry if the slice suddenly comes back after fixing it; simply practice it again and again.

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