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Hero Images – Our 5 Top Sports Team Posters and Signs

Advertising is all about capturing the attention of the audience long enough to persuade them to take an intended action. There are several ways you can achieve this outcome, from grabbing their attention by using compelling colour contrasts, intriguing images and graphics that call your viewers to action…

However, a technique that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of hero images ( Hero images are the main banners placed on advertising stands, sporting venues or elsewhere, such as on a web page – usually on the home page, landing pages, and category pages. Unlike other images, they are large in size and conspicuous, which helps to grab the attention of the audience. Hero image banners can be comprised of single images, or a series.

Hero images are especially popular with sports teams, where images of the team’s players – mostly in their jerseys – are used on various teams’ websites. In this post, we are going to look at what makes a good hero image, as well as the top 5 use of hero images by various sports teams in the UK.

What Makes a Great Hero Image?

Hero images are the first thing an audience sees when they land on pages. As a result, it must be visually pleasing, compelling, and persuasive enough to grab the audience’s attention and engage them. To achieve these results, the image should thus have the following features:

• Eye-catching visual elements – the image(s) used must be appealing enough to catch the attention of the visitors. A good graphics design company can help you to create a great image that will be attention-grabbing.
• Promotion of the brand/a product/an idea – hero images are promotional in nature. Therefore, the image(s) used should organically promote the brand, products, or an idea.
• Compelling brand message – the image should have a clear, concise, and compelling brand message, and great print quality – as recommended by – that can engage and persuade the audience.

Top 5 Hero Images Use in Sports Team Posters and Signs

Hero images are quite popular with many brands, including the brands of various sports teams. The images used by sports teams are especially compelling as they feature high-quality graphics of players/athletes, who are popular with fans, and thus easily recognizable – especially when wearing team colours. Below is a look at some of the top 5 hero image banners for sports teams:

1. Manchester City Premier Leagues Champion Cartoon Poster

Manchester City is one of the top football sports team in the UK. The team makes great use of hero images on their official website. One of the best examples is the community and fans page:, which features a great image of teams 2017/2018 premier league champions squad, drawn in cartoon style.
Manchester City Champions Squad
The first thing that captures your attention is the cartoon style-drawing of the image. The colour scheme of the image is also quite compelling – a blue colour scheme that is consistent with the website’s blue colour scheme (at the header) as well as Manchester City’s official brand colour. The image is made more conspicuous by the use of contrasting black, white, and yellow colours, and the large size white space on the web page.

Aside from the community page, the team’s website also makes use of a hero banner on the main page The banner features an image of Phil Foden, one of the City’s players in the team’s official jersey featuring a Nike and Eithad Airway logos.

2. Wales National Rugby Union New Jersey Launch Poster

Another great example of a hero banner is the Welsh National Rugby Union poster created for the launch of the union’s new uniform. The poster features various players for both the men’s and women’s national sides. The main thing that captures your attention with the poster is a compelling colour scheme – the red and white jerseys with contrasting white and red background colours. The image clearly communicates the team’s main sponsor – Isuzu – thanks to the company’s brand name that is clearly printed on the jersey’s tops.
Wales National Rugby Union New Uniform poster
The image is used as a hero banner for news page:

3. Bristol Flyers’ Website Poster

Bristol Flyers is a professional basketball side that plays in the British Basketball league. The team has an official website, which features great use of images and graphics. However, one design feature that stands out is the use of a printed hero image poster on the website’s corporate page

Bristol Flyers basketball team banner
The image used features Bristol Flyers players together with a staff member – in a navy blue kit – taken during a visit of their main sponsor Fly BMI. The image is captured at an airport, with one of the company’s plane in the background – recognizable by the blue and white brand colours of the FLY BMI brand. In the picture is also one of the Fly BMI’s attendant in a navy blue uniform.
Bristol Flyers online store banner
Aside from the corporate page, Bristol Flyers also make use of hero banners in the team’s official store page The images used at the store are carousel product photos of the team’s merchandise.

4. England’s Women Netball Team Banner

England's Women's Netball National Team banner
Another great use of hero images is the poster banner for England’s Women’s national netball side on the team’s official page The banner features a carousel of various players from the team in their official home kit. What makes the banner compelling is the great use of colour – the bright red and white colours of the kit which contrasts greatly with a blue sky-like background. The kit features the names of the team’s sponsor, Vitality and Sky Sports. Another great feature of the banner is the call-to-action, which directs you to the team’s official store page.

5. Arsenal FC Visit Rwanda Promotion

Arsenal FC is another top sports team playing in the English premier league. Just like many sports team, the club features a lot of promotional banners and signs. However, one of the top banners was the promotional poster for the team’s tourism partnership with Rwanda – the “Visit Rwanda Campaign”.
Arsenal's Visit Rwanda Poster
The banner is used as one of the main images on Visit Wanda’s page The team features three of the club’s player in official red and white team’s kit bearing the logo “Visit Rwanda” on the sleeves. The brand logo is also featured in the image background, as well as an additional brand message “Official Tourism Partner of Arsenal Football Club”. An Arsenal FC logo is also featured in the image.

What makes the image compelling is the visually pleasing colours, as well as the short and clear brand message.

With a time frame of only a few seconds, capturing the attention of a target audience can be a hard task. However, with the right visual tools such as hero images, you can be able to grab the attention of users and direct them towards the desired action. The above 5 sports team are a great example of how you can use hero image banners to do so. What are your favourite sporting digital and print images or banners? Let us know.