Quitting the rat race

How I Quit the Rat Race for the Race Track

Waking up early in the morning, missing breakfast so as to make it to the subway in time, working endlessly during the day (often without lunch), working overnight into the late hours of the night, and heading home late in the night, only to catch a few hours of sleep before the process begins all over again. A few years ago, this is what my day-to-day life in the rat race looked like until I had enough.

After deliberation for a long time, I decided that this life was not for me and I would be happier in my dream career – athletics. So, I finally turned in my resignation letter and consulted with Appleby Associates, a career consultant website that helped me land a job as an athletics coach.

When deciding to leave my office job in a software development career, family members and friends advised me against it, warning me what a terrible decision I was making, However, two years down the line, I could not be happier. Since started working as an athletics coach, I have seen several changes in my day-to-day life. Some of these changes include:

Less job stress

One of the huge disadvantages of the rat race is the high stress that comes with the job. Some of the common things I dealt with on a day-to-day basis included unrealistic deadlines, which meant having to work for long hours every day and more often than not, even during the weekends. On top of that, after completing each project, a new one would arise soon after, and the process would continue again. This meant having to miss out on several family occasions. Finding time for a vacation was also not possible.

Stressful jobs

When working in the office, you also have to get accustomed to working with unreasonable bosses and colleagues, and on several occasions, dealing with clients who are hell-bent on making your life miserable.

When you add all these issues to being scooped in a little cubicle for several hours a day staring at a laptop screen, you end up with high levels of stress that can become health-threating very easily.

Since changing careers, I no longer have to deal with these issues. I only work for a few hours a day, and the only time I work on the weekend is during competitions. Therefore, I am able to find a lot of free time for family, friends, and vacations.

A decrease in the day to day expenses

After I quit the rat race, I found out that my office job had been costing me a lot of cash every month. Some of the expenses I incurred to maintain my corporate job included:

  • Commuting to and from work every day
  • Buying coffee, eating out during lunch, and ordering takeout in the evening
  • Buying business suits and having them dry cleaned (no time for laundry)

At the end of the day, I was spending a huge portion of my paycheck on various expenses in order to maintain my corporate job. Since changing careers, most of these expenses are non-existent. As a result, I am now able to save more money each month.

A lot of free time to do things I love

As already mentioned, I used to work for several hours every day, and on several occasions, even during weekends. Therefore, I was left with very little free time to do things that I enjoy. Simple things such as jogging in the morning, taking a walk in the evening, going to a movie, a picnic during the weekend, or even a vacation were not possible.

However, since changing careers, I am now able to enjoy these things. I find time to exercise in the morning every day, which has really helped me to maintain fitness, something that I had found impossible while working in the office. I am also able to spend a lot of time with my family. On top of that, I have enough free time to travel, enjoy outdoor activities, read, code, and even write. All of these would not have been possible a few years ago.

High level of job satisfaction

For a long time, I did not find satisfaction in my work, despite the fact that I was really good at it. When I started working, I thought I would enjoy it because coding was one of my most favorite things. However, the long hours of work and the stress of the job made me start hating it. It reached a point where my only motivation to working each day was the pay.

Since I quit the rat race to become an athletics coach, I have been able to start enjoying my work. Now, I can be able to take pride in the fact that I train young people to become professional athletes. This has helped me feel that I am leading a more purposeful life.

You too can quit the rat race

Bottom line is since I quit the rat race for the race track, my life has become easier and happier. If you are still in the rat race, you too can quit it and lead a better life. But how do you tell that it is time to quit? Well, below is a look at some of the top telltale signs that you are ready to quit the rat race

  • You no longer enjoy your job and you envy the free life people not working in the corporate world lead
  • You do not like how your current career status look like, and you are not looking forward to the future while still in your current job
  • Other than money, you have no other motivation in your current line of work
  • You feel that there is never any time for you. You have missed out on several important occasions due to your job.You have turned to alcohol (or other substances) to help you deal with the stress of your job

If these describe your current situation, maybe it is time for you to quit the rat race. Simply arrange a consultation with a careers company for help in a career change. Let us know how you get on.