A sports event promo

Sports Promotional Videos – Best Practices and Examples

Sports teams have the advantage of having great visibility, thanks to live (physically) and TV sports events that are watched by thousands, sometimes millions of people. However, not all sports team have global recognition. And even with famous sports teams, there is always a need for making players more relatable, informing fans about sports events, marketing the team brand, and so on.

This brings about the need for promotional content, and for the best results, sports promotional videos are the way to go.

Sports promo videos are great tools for marketing a sports team. The visual imagery combined with sounds and movements makes for very captivating marketing content. These videos also have the added advantage of having access to colourful images, from players and athletes to stadiums and fields, and crowds. However, making a good promotional video is not as easy as taking a camera phone and starting to shoot. You need a solid plan and a lot of preparation so as to come up with a great video. Below is a look at tips and practices that can help you create great sports promotional videos for your team.

1. Identify your audience

Like with all types of content, the most important planning tip is to identify your audience and understand their needs. Usually, the audience of a sports promo video is fans. However, you might also be looking to target other people such as potential investors, potential fans, etc.

Identify the target audience you want and understand what they like and would need. Doing this will provide you with the direction you need to follow to create the best video that will attract, engage, and relate to the audience.
Arsenal vs MLS All-Stars sports promo
A good example of a sports promo video targeted to a specific audience is the Arsenal vs MLS All-Stars promo video. It was made for the fans of both teams (and football/soccer) notifying them of the friendly match that was to take place.

2. Decide the type of video you want

When making sports promotional videos, there are several options that are available for you. You can choose to create various types of videos such as:

• Team profile videos – showing profiles of various members of the sports team (players and staff alike)
• Action videos – these are action-packed videos of the sports team. They can include videos of the players/athletes in training, videos of an actual sports event, or even videos of players/athletes performing various drills
• Marketing videos – these are more marketing-oriented videos that are designed to attract new fans and players.

You could also create a corporate video to market and promote sports teams, product or merchandise, as is the speciality of leading filmmakers at Tech TV. Read more here.

A good example of a type of sports video is the UQ Sports Academy promo video. It is designed to promote the UQ Sports Academy brand, but it does so by showing captivating images of various athletes in training.

3. Hire a great video production company

Great sports promotional videos need to be high-quality, captivating, engaging and evoke an emotional response in the viewers. This, combined with the intense competition from other sports team and the need to maintain a positive image makes it important to hire a professional video production company https://www.tech-tv.co.uk. Therefore, after identifying your audience and deciding on what type of video to create, the next step should be to look for a good company to handle the production.

4. Make the video content captivating and innovative

Promotional videos by default need to be captivating so as to capture the attention of the users in the short time frame that is available. However, when it comes to sports promotional videos, you need to take your game even higher. This is because most sports fans are used to captivating and thrilling scenes, and anything that falls below that threshold will not have great success. Some of the ways you can make a sports promo videos more captivating include:

• Including (motion) images of players/athletes in action
• Including shots of crows
• Including shots of stadiums

In addition to captivating images, you also need to come up with a creative and innovative story that will hold the attention of the audience, engage them, and evoke a response that will make them fall in love with the promo.
A BT Sport promo
A great example of an innovative and captivating sports promo video is the BT Sports Promo video seen here, created to market the BT Sports Brand. The video features several sports personalities in action, from football players in training to rugby players performing drills, and a tennis player hitting balls. A crowd of wowed sports fans is also featured in the video. The prom is further made interesting by the funny scenes of the narrator moving through various scenes while narrowly missing being hit by balls and players.

5. Share your video with the target audience

Once you have made a sports promo video, the next step is to share it with the audience. There are several platforms you can use for sharing your videos, with the top ones being your sports team website and/or blog, social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others, TV stations, online news sites, through QR codes, and so on.

Whatever platform you choose, make sure that it offers your brand a wide audience, and is the platform most used by your target audience. For better results, you can use multiple platforms, which will help to increase the reach of your video.

6. Promote your video for more views

While sharing your video will make it available for the audience, it will not guarantee instant visibility. Therefore, you must promote the video and your brand so as to make reach more people. Some of the tops ways you can promote your video include releasing a press release, flyers and posters, running ads (of the video) in media, targeted social media engagement (shares and hashtags), search engine optimization, social media optimization (optimized video titles, descriptions), newsletters, and so on.

Looking to promote your sports team brand or an event? Sports promotional videos can do that for you. With the above tips, you can be able to create a great promo video that will wow and engages the target audience. You can also be able to market it effectively, thus reaching a wide audience.