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Memorable Sporting Event of Usain Bolt

6 Memorable Sporting Events Caught On Video

Sport is a way of life to billions of people all over the world, but as with so many other things in life, the best, and most memorable moments often slip by us in our excitement to see the best sportsmen and women compete for the ultimate prize.

However, the ultimate prize is often much less than the silverware or a huge check; it is often just the desire to get through a match or competition without suffering embarrassment or ridicule (or death by shark bite), and so in this list, we present you with 6 memorable sporting events that caught the world’s attention for various reasons… Continue reading “6 Memorable Sporting Events Caught On Video”

Golf Fashion

With the increase in the popularity of the game, golf is now turning into one of the most fashionable games in the world. The serene green fields spaced with long trees and clear blue water bodies bring in an essence of elegance to the game. Players while playing the game are not only conscious of how well they perform but also how they look while performing. Golf being mainly the sport of the elite has now earned a style statement. Starting from golf accessories to golf wear fashion has infiltrated even into the technique of playing the game. In fact, golf fashion has influenced the way the golfers go for driving, chipping and putting.

At present sports companies are earning huge profits by selling designed golf accessories and clothes. For fashion designers creating innovative but comfy golf wears are one of the common sources for income at present. From the bulky outfits of the golfers of the older generation the design of the golf wears has undergone a massive change in order to cope up with trendy taste of the present day youths.

Style in golf is now gaining dominance due to annual golfing events and the sports championships. Since the players are under the constant gaze of spectators world wide, golfers find it to be essential to look fashionable while they play.

Golf fashion has also been encouraged due to the increasing number of woman playing the game. Golf fashion is not only about the type of the outfit a player wears but also about the kind of shoes, caps and bags he or she is carrying. There are many sports apparel companies who apart from focusing on the fashionable designs also believe in using materials that would be environment friendly. A famous golf company named Tehama launched by the famous Hollywood celebrity named Clint Eastwood aims at bringing the blue ocean amidst the lush greens. The outfits made by the company are of sea weeds. The company also manufactures wears that would allow vitamin C to infuse inside the body while the player is playing the game.

There are many sports designing companies who are associated with the game. The designer names that come along with the game of golf are Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen. Stella McCartney has contributed to woman golf style statement in collaboration with Addidas. Her collection includes jacket made up of waterproof fabric, stretch golf skirts designed with box pleats, tee holders, funky pleated trousers, and performance golf shoes.

George Chekov is an expert golf player. He is quite inclined towards the game and often writes web based articles dealing with the game of golf. To know more about golf fashion you may look out for a good golf guide in the internet.

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Golf Tution

So the place do you begin with discovering a tutor or a instructor?

When you’re a whole beginner or already a golfer however wanting to enhance then there are basically a couple of components that must be thought of


Do you have the time or inclination to apply? – Golf is a sport of methodology and observe, and it takes time and dedication in path of enhancing on the sport.
Have you ever ever obtained the will wanted into finding the appropriate teacher?- Taking the time to search for the fitting teacher might be annoying and it is tempting to enroll to the first golf teacher you find and get going. Nonetheless, it is rather necessary notice that by initially being taught an improper strategy to swing it might harm your golfing potential because it’s laborious to shake that first method. The variation in methods and ideas from completely completely different instructors implies that it may be worthwhile taking the day out to find out which skills swimsuit you the best.
Persistence and open mindedness are also key factors. Bettering on golf and moving into the swing of issues will take time. It could prove tense when your recreation is going completely astray, particularly when you’ve bought different golfers around you. Don’t be concerned though, each golfer has to start out somewhere and so long as you are prepared to maintain attempting and take new methods on board then you definitely could be fine.
A great way to maintain your level of dedication up may very well be to compete in competitions. It is indeniable that it is inside our nature to be competitive. Competition can carry out our drive and getting into yourself into golf tournaments could be the push that is needed that can help you pin stage your weaknesses and grit your determination. This is additionally used as a great way to satisfy new people and get folks to go training with which is all the time a positive.
Profit from the Sport! On the end of the day golfing is a superb curiosity and sport! It ought to be liked for what it is, so whilst taking the trouble to improve your sport additionally take into accout to have pleasurable with the game! Whilst observe and finding out are essential, remember to take the day trip to enjoy the sport as much as you can as it is an pleasing answer to get outside.

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Golf Slice

Golf slice is a type of shot where in the ball curves in the shape of a banana. It starts out to the left of the target and then bends considerably back to the right of the target. The slice at times is colloquially called the “banana ball” due to the shape of the slice trajectory. This shot is seldom played deliberately and is the most common mis-hit of amateur golfers.

For golfers, a slice can be one of the most frustrating parts of the game. It’s not a good feeling for golfers to hit the ball just to see it curving away from the intended target. However, this can be corrected with practice and few adjustments.

Types of Slices

There are three main types of slices. The most common one is the regular slice where the ball starts out fairly straight and then curves. The second one is the push slice, where the ball starts off heading one direction and then curves into the opposite direction. The third and the final one is the push slice where the ball starts in one direction and continues to curve in the same direction.

Causes of Golf Slice

Golfers would have probably corrected the slice had they known the causes for it. However, it’s widely believed that a slice occurs when the head of the golf club is unable to meet the ball squarely. There’s perhaps a sideways spin when the club face is open and it strikes the ball.

Correcting a Slice

Golf instructors mainly concentrate on this issue during the golf training program. This is a problem that can be corrected with regular practice. As per a study in the game, slice mainly occurs when a golfer turns his/her left hand too far to the left. Ensuring that the “Vee” between the thumb and knuckle on both hands point towards the right ear is a great way of checking the grip.

Slices can also be cured before hitting the ball. Ensure that the ball is in line with your stance because you’ll slice the ball if it’s ahead of your stance. Ensure that you’re not aiming too far left. Hitting the ball squarely is the best way of curing a slice. Make sure that your grip isn’t too tight or too loose as both cause slicing.

Don’t worry if the slice suddenly comes back after fixing it; simply practice it again and again.

Hello i  am justty.I love the golf when i am 13 years old.I learn it from my father.Golf training makes you very perfect in making shots.

Golf Club

A golf club is used by golfers for striking the ball in the game of golf. It comprises a weighted head on one end and has a long shaft on the other end with a grip. Taking a sharp angle to the shaft, the head is fixed sideways to it and the striking face of the head is inclined in such a way that it gives the ball an upward rise. As per the rules of the game, a golfer can carry up to 14 different golf clubs, each one being designed for a particular situation during the game.

Raw Materials Used   
For manufacturing golf clubs, variety of materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, and composites are used. Based on the mechanical properties such as strength, elasticity, friction, impact resistance, density, etc., different materials are selected for different parts of the clubs.
Golf club heads for drivers and other woods are made from titanium, stainless steel, or graphite, whereas club heads for wedges and irons are made from stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, tungsten, titanium, or a combination of these materials. On the other hand, aluminum, chrome-plated steel, carbon or graphite fiber, or titanium is used in making club shafts.

Various Types of Golf Clubs
Selecting golf clubs is never a problem for golfers, as there are various types of clubs available for different situations in the game.

Irons: These are generally used during the golf training program and as they’ve more control than drivers and fairway woods; they’re also used for shorter distances.
Drivers and Fairway Woods: These clubs are mostly used for hitting longer shots. If the golf hole is 4 to 5 meters away, then most golfers like to use wooden head clubs. The driver or the fairway wood has a loft between 7 to 12 degrees. Professional golfers usually have drivers with less than 10 degrees of loft, which need a lot more skill to hit.

Wedges: They’re another form of irons. The first wedge, also known as pitching wedge, is generally between 52 and 56 degrees in loft. Wedges are enormously useful for a short strike in the game.
Hybrids: These are recent innovation to golf. Hybrid is a combination of iron and wood and is an option to a long iron. As hybrids are versatile, they can be used in any situation.
The above mentioned are the various golf clubs available in the market and form an important aspect of golf tips.  

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