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Hockey Face Masks

Hockey face masks are one of the most important pieces of equipment a hockey player will need before stepping out onto the ice. Although they are also required to wear all of the standard pieces of protective gear including a helmet, the hockey mask is essential. There are several different styles for the players to choose from depending on how much of their face they want covered. These are all designed to protect the players from debris, and the puck ending up in their faces. Alongside a great fitting hockey helmet the face mask can ensure that the player will walk off the ice injury free.

Both the hockey face masks and the helmets need to fit very well, and they should not be able to fall easily. Although the player wants to be able to move when wearing them, their main goal is to protect the head and face. Comfort is very important, but safety is a far greater concern as many players suffer head injuries during the game. The original design of the hockey mask was made from fiberglass and covered the whole face. It was contoured to the exact shape of the players face making them very individual pieces, that couldn’t be worn easily by another player.

The hockey face masks have changed a great deal over the years, and they are far easier to wear today being lightweight and half face. The cage design that is seen today is far easier to wear, and allows the players to have a better view of the game. Often the helmets are made from fiberglass with a cage attached to the front allowing better movement, and air circulation. The cage on the front of the helmet can withstand the full force of the puck hitting the player. The impact is dispersed evenly over the whole helmet causing less damage to the player’s skull.

The overall shell of the helmet has advanced incredibly over the years, and the technology that is not used on the design is amazing. The helmet and hockey face masks need to fit perfectly, with a simply chin strap design that can be released easily. The vents on the helmet need to be the correct size to allow the airflow to cool the players head during the game. One of the most important factors of the helmets design is the foam padding in the interior. This can be in several different thicknesses depending on the level of comfort needed.

The design of the helmet and hockey mask needs to be durable, comfortable and lightweight. If the players are uncomfortable during the game they are likely to be distracted. The latest materials for the helmets are Kevlar which allows the helmets to be toughened yet extremely lightweight. If the helmets and hockey face masks are worn correctly they can help to prevent injury and even death. Head injuries are very common when playing a high impact sports such as hockey, and giving the players the ultimate in protection gear is essential.

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