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Quitting the rat race

How I Quit the Rat Race for the Race Track

Waking up early in the morning, missing breakfast so as to make it to the subway in time, working endlessly during the day (often without lunch), working overnight into the late hours of the night, and heading home late in the night, only to catch a few hours of sleep before the process begins all over again. A few years ago, this is what my day-to-day life in the rat race looked like until I had enough.

After deliberation for a long time, I decided that this life was not for me and I would be happier in my dream career – athletics. So, I finally turned in my resignation letter and consulted with Appleby Associates, a career consultant website that helped me land a job as an athletics coach.

When deciding to leave my office job in a software development career, family members and friends advised me against it, warning me what a terrible decision I was making, However, two years down the line, I could not be happier. Since started working as an athletics coach, I have seen several changes in my day-to-day life. Some of these changes include:

Less job stress

One of the huge disadvantages of the rat race is the high stress that comes with the job. Some of the common things I dealt with on a day-to-day basis included unrealistic deadlines, which meant having to work for long hours every day and more often than not, even during the weekends. On top of that, after completing each project, a new one would arise soon after, and the process would continue again. This meant having to miss out on several family occasions. Finding time for a vacation was also not possible.

Stressful jobs

When working in the office, you also have to get accustomed to working with unreasonable bosses and colleagues, and on several occasions, dealing with clients who are hell-bent on making your life miserable.

When you add all these issues to being scooped in a little cubicle for several hours a day staring at a laptop screen, you end up with high levels of stress that can become health-threating very easily.

Since changing careers, I no longer have to deal with these issues. I only work for a few hours a day, and the only time I work on the weekend is during competitions. Therefore, I am able to find a lot of free time for family, friends, and vacations.

A decrease in the day to day expenses

After I quit the rat race, I found out that my office job had been costing me a lot of cash every month. Some of the expenses I incurred to maintain my corporate job included:

  • Commuting to and from work every day
  • Buying coffee, eating out during lunch, and ordering takeout in the evening
  • Buying business suits and having them dry cleaned (no time for laundry)

At the end of the day, I was spending a huge portion of my paycheck on various expenses in order to maintain my corporate job. Since changing careers, most of these expenses are non-existent. As a result, I am now able to save more money each month.

A lot of free time to do things I love

As already mentioned, I used to work for several hours every day, and on several occasions, even during weekends. Therefore, I was left with very little free time to do things that I enjoy. Simple things such as jogging in the morning, taking a walk in the evening, going to a movie, a picnic during the weekend, or even a vacation were not possible.

However, since changing careers, I am now able to enjoy these things. I find time to exercise in the morning every day, which has really helped me to maintain fitness, something that I had found impossible while working in the office. I am also able to spend a lot of time with my family. On top of that, I have enough free time to travel, enjoy outdoor activities, read, code, and even write. All of these would not have been possible a few years ago.

High level of job satisfaction

For a long time, I did not find satisfaction in my work, despite the fact that I was really good at it. When I started working, I thought I would enjoy it because coding was one of my most favorite things. However, the long hours of work and the stress of the job made me start hating it. It reached a point where my only motivation to working each day was the pay.

Since I quit the rat race to become an athletics coach, I have been able to start enjoying my work. Now, I can be able to take pride in the fact that I train young people to become professional athletes. This has helped me feel that I am leading a more purposeful life.

You too can quit the rat race

Bottom line is since I quit the rat race for the race track, my life has become easier and happier. If you are still in the rat race, you too can quit it and lead a better life. But how do you tell that it is time to quit? Well, below is a look at some of the top telltale signs that you are ready to quit the rat race

  • You no longer enjoy your job and you envy the free life people not working in the corporate world lead
  • You do not like how your current career status look like, and you are not looking forward to the future while still in your current job
  • Other than money, you have no other motivation in your current line of work
  • You feel that there is never any time for you. You have missed out on several important occasions due to your job.You have turned to alcohol (or other substances) to help you deal with the stress of your job

If these describe your current situation, maybe it is time for you to quit the rat race. Simply arrange a consultation with a careers company for help in a career change. Let us know how you get on.

Swimming Trunks Malfunctions

Swimming Trunks Malfunctions – Embarrassing Hiccups in the Water

Getting into the water can be a lot of fun, not to mention relaxing. However, there is one problem when it comes to swimming – finding the right swimming trunks. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable the entire time you are in the pool or on the beach, wearing the wrong swimming trunks can lead to a hiccup, one that can become quite embarrassing when you are in public.

In fact, there have been several incidents where people, including famous swimmers and divers, lost their swimming trunks while in the water, with some of these instances happening right in front of the cameras. Below is a look at some of these swimming trunks malfunctions.

1. Tom Daley

Tom Daley, an Olympic medalist is an accomplished British diver, who has also won several medals in other world competition. However, even with his accomplishment, and a long career as a diver that started when he was seven years, Daley is one of the famous people to experience a hiccup while in the water.

During a World Series competition in Guangzhou, China in 2017, Tom Daley nearly lost his swimming trunks when he dived into the water. While they did not completely come loose, he ended up giving the viewers a show (of his backside) that they were not expecting. And on top of that, the hiccup was caught by a camera and ended up being posted on several online publications to be seen by millions more across the world.

2. Keith Duffy

Keith Duffy, an Irish media personality, singer-songwriter, and actor, is another famous person who has suffered a swimming trunk hiccup in public. During the semi-final of Splash!, a television show in Britain where celebrities learn how to dive with Tom Daley, Keith Duffy experienced a swimming trunk malfunction that left thousands of viewers seeing more than they had expected.

As he was diving into the water, his trunks came completely loose, and the unfortunate incident was captured by an underwater camera and seen by thousands of live viewers. And as is the case with such an incident, it eventually found its way in the columns of several gossip online magazines and other publication, thus being seen by millions more across the world.

3. swimming trunks come loose during a charity swim event

Another hiccup involving swimming trunks occurred during a fundraising event organized by Darwen Leisure Center. The center organized a swimming event to help raise money for cancer support. Unfortunately, as participants were swimming, one of them lost his swimming trunks in the water. While he was able to find the trunks and complete his swim, there is no doubt that the incident must have left him a little embarrassed. The only consolation would be the fact that the attendance was not large, and no one managed to snap a picture or record a video.

4. dad loses Trunks at an amusement park – while with his family

Embarrasing hiccup in the water

A Florida dad is another person who has suffered a swimming trunk hiccup in public after his trunks came loose while riding a wave machine. As he was riding the artificial water wave, the machine “pulled” his trunks of his body. Helpless and unsure of what to do, he continued on riding the water wave, until a lifeguard came to his rescue, bring the trunks back to him and helping him to cover while putting on back the trunks.

Unfortunately, he was not too lucky as the incident happened before his children, and with other onlookers finding it hilarious. A video was also captured and shared online, eventually finding its way to a number of online publications.

5. 5-year old swimming trunk horror

Swimming trunks malfunctions are not only limited to the celebs nor adults. Even children can experience some embarrassing hiccups while in the water. Sometimes, some of these hiccups can also be serious to the extent of requiring urgent medical help. A five-year-old was the unfortunate victim of such a hiccup when his private parts got caught up in the netting of the swimming trunks.

The incident happened when the boy was enjoying the water in a pool during a vacation with his mother in Lanzarote. The hiccup was serious enough such that it would have led to the loss of his genitals, had urgent medical help not being given. Fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital in time for the doctors to cut him free without any permanent damage.

Tesco, the manufacturer of the swimming trunks the boy was wearing was forced to apologize for the incident and promise to launch an investigation into the incident.

What do these incidents teach you?

These swimming trunks hiccups are just small but embarrassing (and sometimes serious) incidents that are common when in the water. However, as you will notice, most of such incidents are caused mostly by one thing – using the wrong swimming trunks. These can be either swimming trunks that are too small, too large, or even faulty ones. Therefore, you can avoid them, or if not possible, minimize the risk of them occurring by wearing the right trunks (we shop at to make sure of that.

Below is a look at tips on how you can choose the right trunks for a great time in the water:

1. Always choose the right size of swimming trunks

When shopping for swimming trunks, choose the right size. Do not go with something too baggy or too small as this will be more likely to come loose while in the water.

2. Consider elastic swimming trunks

While wearing elastic swimming trunks might be something you have avoided in the past, it is a good idea to consider them as they might save you from public embarrassment. If possible, buy trunks that come with elastic waistband and drawstrings. This will offer you two layers of protection.

3. Shop for quality trunks

Buying cheap trunks from any place is a sure way of inviting embarrassing hiccups while in the water. As already mentioned, faulty (or poor quality trunks) are one of the top causes of these hiccups.

Therefore, if you want to avoid them, you should ensure that you purchase quality swimwear. There are a number of places where you can find quality swimming trunks, for example, Podenco Eivissa an online fashion store that specialized in men’s swim shorts and other accessories. Before placing an order, be sure to look through the store’s lookbook for some high-quality realistic images of the swim shorts.

Skiing adventures

Skiing Adventures – the Ultimate Ski Holiday in Verbier

If you are looking for amazing skiing adventures, the Verbier region in the Switzerland is the ultimate ski destination. Book a ski holiday chalet with Alpine Comfort in this amazing destination and get to enjoy an unforgettable experience courtesy of the scenic landscape and the thrilling ski terrain.

But Verbier is not just about skiing – it offers a range of other activities and attractions, including an amazing nightlife, which will be sure to bring you back for more. In fact, Verbier region is popular with skiing enthusiasts from all over the world, including fans of the US Ski Team who visit every year during the ski holidays.

Below is a look at some of the top activities in the Verbier region

Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing is one of the many winter activities you get to enjoy if you book a holiday in Verbier. The 4 Valleys, of which Verbier is part of, offers a great terrain for all skiers, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate skier, or an advanced skier. So, book a ski holiday today and get to enjoy a variety of ski terrains, including the tall Mont-Fort, which stands at 3300 meters and serves as the peak of the 4 Valleys.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing is another one of the top skiing adventures you can enjoy in Verbier. It allows you to experience the thrill of skiing while exploring the beautiful landscape.  The Verbier region has two trails for cross country skiing: one for beginners and the other for advanced skiers. If you are a beginner, you get to enjoy classic skiing on the simple trail, where you glide along the trail while enjoying the landscape. For the advanced skier, there is a  great trail where you can enjoy skating, one of the most exciting skiing techniques.


If you are looking for an alternative activity, or just want to take a short break from all the thrill of skiing, snowshoeing is the perfect activity. Explore the long walking trails that go up to 25 kilometers each, winding through a stunning scenery of snow mountains. On top of that, you do not require expensive equipment or advanced skills for snowshoeing – you just need a good pair of boots that will easily and comfortably strap into snow shoes.


Sledding in Verbier

As most skiing guides will tell you, sledding is one of the top skiing activities that you can enjoy in Verbier. The region has amazing pistes that are easily accessible on foot or by a chairlift. With some pistes running for as long as 3km,  going down one of them is a fun experience, the perfect way to end to a long day filled with skiing adventures.


Heliskiing drop-off

Verbier has one of the most amazing slopes, where you can enjoy a challenging but very thrilling descent whether you are skiing or snowboarding. Take a helicopter ride up to the very heart of the Swiss Alps, and descent down the slopes of Verbier for the ultimate adrenaline rush.


Verbier offers the perfect destination where you can escape your busy schedule and have unforgettable fun in the snow. From skiing to ice hiking, Heliskiing, sledding, and several other non-skiing activities such as helicopter tours, ice skating, paragliding, skydiving, among others, you cannot lack something to do while in Verbier.


Sports and Fitness in Space – How do Astronauts Exercise?

Being an astronaut is a cool experience; you get to go to space and live aboard the International Space Station. You can also float around weightlessly and enjoy the spectacular view of the earth.

However, to live in space, astronauts have to sacrifice some pleasures found on earth. For example, astronauts in the ISS have to come up with creative ways of eating food, drinking water, going to the bathroom and even exercising.

These activities are quite complicated because there is no gravity. Maintaining fitness in space is the most difficult of these tasks because exercising in zero gravity is almost impossible.


Why do astronauts need to exercise?

To understand how astronauts exercise in space, it is important that you first know the reason why they do so. The effects of the zero gravity in space are not limited to just activities that astronauts perform; it also has a huge impact on the body.

Activities such as walking or standing do not require any effort because there is no gravity to exert pressure on the body. Therefore, the heart does not work as much in space as it does back here on earth.


As a result, the astronauts start experiencing bone and muscle loss. According to studies, astronauts can suffer from approximately 2% bone density and muscle tissue loss for every month they spend in space. This rate of muscle and bone loss is quite high, and it can become serious during long space missions.

So, how do astronauts Maintain fitness in space?

The importance of exercise in space cannot be overstated, which is why astronauts are required to exercise daily. According to a number of space news sources, NASA astronauts spend at least 2 hours a day exercising.

The techniques and equipment that astronauts use to exercise in space are different from those used on earth. This is because most of the exercise gear on earth is pretty much useless in a zero gravity environment.

For example, it would be impossible to play ball games in space due to the small, confined space of the International Space Station. Kicking or throwing a ball in the ISS is not allowed because such solid objects could easily become hazardous. And if you think weightlifting would be a good option, lifting heavy weights (even 200 pounds) in space is a piece of cake.


Therefore, astronauts use modified equipment that is designed specifically for a zero gravity environment. For example, NASA astronauts use a space treadmill for running, a stationary bike for exercising the legs and lower body parts, and a weight lifting stimulation device. Using these techniques and equipment helps them maintain fitness in space, thus reducing the risk of bone and muscle loss.


In a microgravity environment, astronauts are at a great risk of losing bone density and muscle tissues. In a prolonged situation, this loss can even affect vital organs such as the heart. Therefore, astronauts must exercise regularly in order to keep their fitness in space, especially when they are on long missions – And with upcoming long-duration missions to Mars on the horizon, keeping fit in space will be a growing concern.

sussex student race

How The Sussex Racing Team Stormed into UK Top 10

The achievement by the University of Sussex racing team in which it broke the school’s record and finished in the Top 10 in the Formula Student completion was simply unbelievable. It was a special moment and a great moment to be alive to witness such a remarkable feat. It was a fairy-tale run, much like of Leicester City football club, who have just been crowned the champions of England. Continue reading “How The Sussex Racing Team Stormed into UK Top 10”