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Memorable Sporting Event of Usain Bolt

6 Memorable Sporting Events Caught On Video

Sport is a way of life to billions of people all over the world, but as with so many other things in life, the best, and most memorable moments often slip by us in our excitement to see the best sportsmen and women compete for the ultimate prize.

However, the ultimate prize is often much less than the silverware or a huge check; it is often just the desire to get through a match or competition without suffering embarrassment or ridicule (or death by shark bite), and so in this list, we present you with 6 memorable sporting events that caught the world’s attention for various reasons… Continue reading “6 Memorable Sporting Events Caught On Video”

Tennis Courts and Tennis Court Nets

If you are someone who enjoys tennis and you want to build your own tennis court at home there are some things you need to consider such as the surface and even the tennis court nets.  When it comes to finding all the essential components to be able to do this at the best prices available you should definitely consider beginning your search using the internet.  You will find sites that will have everything you could possibly need including the tennis net and you have the assurance that the products and the reviews of the products are up to date and reliable.  You will be able to view the product descriptions and images and the ordering process could not be simpler.

When you determine to construct your own tennis court you will need to make sure that you do not enter into the enterprise without first taking time to consider all the various components.  First of all you should have a clear understanding of what you want, including the number of courts you want to build.  You also need to determine the surface of the court that you want, which means that you need to choose between a cushioned, hard or soft court.  You also need to decide if you intend the court or courts to be used all year round or only when the weather permits.  Once you have decided these crucial things you can then move onto the next stage of building your own tennis court.

You will also need to consider where you intend the court to be built as well as the actual measurements and the direction that the court faces.  The direction will be especially important when people are using the court in the winter months because if the direction is off they are likely to be blinded by the lower sunlight.  You need to consider the number of trees that are near the court as well as neighbors that could object to you getting the planning permission that you will need.

Without a doubt building a tennis court is possible and you can do it if you cover all your bases.  There is much to consider before you even begin the undertaking and if you want the process to go off smoothly with as little difficulty as possible you need to determine to make the time in order to conduct all the necessary research beforehand.  Failing to do so will more than likely result in the whole undertaking being a disaster.

When it comes to the tennis court nets you will find that there are many choices available to you. 

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All About Tennis

The game of tennis originated in the late 1800’s and has since become a popular sport for people in not only America, but across the world.  Tennis can be played with either two people, which is called singles, or four people, which is called doubles.  


If you are just starting out, tennis does not require a lot of equipment and therefore it is easy to begin playing.  A proper pair of shoes, a racquet and a few tennis balls is really all you need.  Athletes that have been playing longer, though, may require more equipment.  They may choose to customize the grip or strings of their racquets to increase the power of their swing.  Tennis shoes have also been made to have flat soles and a wide front bottom to offer greater support.  An array of tennis attire is available, including customized tennis skirts and shorts for players that hold tennis balls while they play.  On a bigger scale, tennis court windscreens come in handy for both residential and commercial courts.  Tennis windscreens help keep debris from wind and other weather off the courts for the players.  In the event one has to practice the sport inside, gym divider curtains for high schools or community gyms can help tennis balls from interrupting other sports that may be played in the same vicinity. 


For singles tennis, the court is 78 feet long by 27 feet wide and for doubles; the side alleys are used to make the court bigger, 78 feet long by 36 feet wide to be exact.  There is a net that divides the two sides and the opponents stand on opposite sides during a match.  There are various lines on a tennis court that designate service boxes, the baseline and out of bounds.

One player starts off as the server and serves the ball to his or her opponent while standing behind the court’s baseline.  The ball must be served diagonally and hit within the opponent’s service box.  At this point the ball is returned by the opponent and must land within the bounds of the opposite court.  If the ball cannot be returned properly, the point is given to the server.  Typically matches are played best out of three or five sets.  In order for a player to win a game, they have to have gained at least four points and have beaten their opponent by at least two points.  Scoring in tennis is a bit tricky because for zero points they say “love,” then the first point is called “fifteen,” then “thirty,” then “forty.”

Where to Watch:

Tennis is also a great spectator sport.  Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, generally begins in late June and is held in England.  This tournament attracts millions of television viewers annually.  There are several other tournaments during the year, such as the U.S. Open and the French Open, also known as the Roland Garros.  But tennis lovers may often overlook the matches that are happening right in their own community.  There are some very talented players that play in both high school and college that you can watch in a match at various times of the year.  

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Tennis Serves

Serves are an important part to anyone’s tennis game. Your serves will set the tone for the match, because if you cannot win games with your serve, it will be a tough match. It is to your advantage to have a strong serve. It is also beneficial to be able to surprise your opponent with different types of serves.

Take a look at videos on tennis serves for an idea of what these different types of tennis serves are that you can implement into your tennis strategy.

Just to give you a better idea, read on for more information about each different type of serve.

Flat Serve

These tennis serves are simple and easy to replicate. This is a power serve in which no spin is used. You will want to use your legs for momentum and push forward through the ball. In this case, it is important to bend the knees and snap the wrist after being in contact with the ball. This will bring the serve down and avoid serves from going out.

Top Spin Serve

The goal of the top spin serve is to have net clearance so that the serve is higher over the net for the ball to not land into the net. The motion used on this serve is a “brush up” motion, which can be thought of as tracing one’s head from the neck to the forehead. With this motion, you are brushing against the top of the ball at contact.

Slice Serve

The slice serve is a more accurate serve, which has a high difficulty level for opponents to return. The motion you want to use would be as if you are throwing a dart forward. This serve has a special type of sound to it that sounds like a “click”. This motion is almost lik ea top spin serve, but you are brushing against the side of the ball versus the top.

Under Spin Serve

This under spin serve is also known as the under hand serve. Most beginners like to use this when playing their first few matches. The motion is a lot easier to learn as compared to the serves discussed above. The under spin serve has extreme spin on it and can be done without extra movement of the legs. If you are having issues with your leg cramping up in matches, you can use this serve to your advantage. It also gives you the advantage in that it is not that easy to return.

Kick Serve

The kick serve is a special serve that initially bounces and “kicks” to the opposite side. By “kick” I mean that the ball looks like it will bounce in one simple direction, but it actually bounces to the opposite side. This serve is used to throw off the opponent and keep them guessing as to where the ball will bounce. If you can master this serve, you will definitely have the advantage when it is your serve during the match.

It is imperative to first understand the fundamentals of tennis serves in order to better achieve the serves mentioned above. Also, getting free critiques on your serves will help you improve your game in terms of knowing what you are doing right and/or wrong. Good luck with your tennis serves!

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