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How The Sussex Racing Team Stormed into UK Top 10

The achievement by the University of Sussex racing team in which it broke the school’s record and finished in the Top 10 in the Formula Student completion was simply unbelievable. It was a special moment and a great moment to be alive to witness such a remarkable feat. It was a fairy-tale run, much like of Leicester City football club, who have just been crowned the champions of England.

The University of Sussex Team designed, built and then raced the car around Silverstone. This was the school’s best ever showing in the competition, known as Formula Student Championship. The competition features teams of young engineering students from all over the world working on a one-seat racing car over a period of one year


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The Day of the Race

Having been assured of the safety of our belongings, we went all out to do one thing: support the University of Sussex Racing team. The race was held at Silverstone, with more than 135 teams taking part. In the past years, we haven’t performed exceptionally well and in spite of that, our spirits were still high.

When the time came, our team, nicknamed Mobil 1 Team Sussex, romped into an enviable 9th place finish in the UK. Better still, we emerged 28th overall out of more than 135 competing teams from all over the world. This not only surpassed the previous record set by the University, but also completely exceeded the expectations of students themselves.

Present at the competition to cheer the students was none other than Professor Michael Farthing, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex. Also present was Maria Ines Aguirre, an internationally recognized artist, and known fondly as Mia. She had earlier come up with a brilliant abstract painting which was to be transferred to the student’s car by the university researchers.

Split into two classes

The 2015 Formula Student competition was split into 2 categories: Class 1 and Class 2. The class 1 team was charged with designing, building as well as racing their single-seat car at the track. The Class 2 team, on the other hand, was tasked with submitting a design for car to be raced as the Class 1 of the following year.

The second team, which was under the leadership of Rebecca Geraghty-Shewan, a third-year student of mechanical engineering, added gloss to the results by finishing at position 15 overall and 5th in the UK.

The Reaction

You can imagine the reaction, with our team posting the best results ever in the history of the school. The head of commercial development for the team Martin Law, who is an automotive engineering student, was exuberant and did not shy away from expressing his delight.

“This year’s position in the competition is a great improvement. Our goal was to be ranked at least no.35 but as you can see, we have exceeded our own expectations. It is a great feeling.

He added: I’m genuinely thrilled by the results. More importantly, I am happy to be part of team which broke the school’s record.”

“It is my hope that this performance will inspire future University of Sussex teams that will participate in the competition,” a beaming Law said.

The celebration

After the race, the student fraternity engaged in wild celebrations. This was an accomplished performance that nobody saw coming. It therefore caught many people by surprise. In the end, this result was highly deserved. The lads and lasses put in a great shift and deserved every bit of success. We wish the next team of Sussex racers to replicate this performance and continue to uplift the school.

About Sussex Formula Student Team

The University of Sussex Formula team started competing in this Sussex Motorsports way back in 2005. The team’s ranking was helped by the students and supervisors’ consistent enthusiasm. In 2015, the team achieved its best ranking ever by then, finishing at position 25 out of 96 participating teams. This projected the university as a school giving students firm foundation in engineering.

This university was the first among the universities established in the 60’s, and it received its Royal Charter a year later in, the university is a top teaching and research college. With the support of the university as well as unending support from Mobil 1, the perennial title sponsors, the team has been able to grow and develop into a very competitive team.

The Impact of this Success

There are so many ways in which this great feat will affect the school. First, it thrusts the school into the group of elite engineering schools which give their students first-hand practical skills and knowledge to become real automotive engineers. Secondly, it gives the school and the team exposure.

By finishing in top 10 in the UK, the school will become known by majority of people in the country and even internationally. We all hope that the school will continue to do better and even surpass the 2015 feat.