Swimming Trunks Malfunctions

Swimming Trunks Malfunctions – Embarrassing Hiccups in the Water

Getting into the water can be a lot of fun, not to mention relaxing. However, there is one problem when it comes to swimming – finding the right swimming trunks. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable the entire time you are in the pool or on the beach, wearing the wrong swimming trunks can lead to a hiccup, one that can become quite embarrassing when you are in public.

In fact, there have been several incidents where people, including famous swimmers and divers, lost their swimming trunks while in the water, with some of these instances happening right in front of the cameras. Below is a look at some of these swimming trunks malfunctions.

1. Tom Daley

Tom Daley, an Olympic medalist is an accomplished British diver, who has also won several medals in other world competition. However, even with his accomplishment, and a long career as a diver that started when he was seven years, Daley is one of the famous people to experience a hiccup while in the water.

During a World Series competition in Guangzhou, China in 2017, Tom Daley nearly lost his swimming trunks when he dived into the water. While they did not completely come loose, he ended up giving the viewers a show (of his backside) that they were not expecting. And on top of that, the hiccup was caught by a camera and ended up being posted on several online publications to be seen by millions more across the world.

2. Keith Duffy

Keith Duffy, an Irish media personality, singer-songwriter, and actor, is another famous person who has suffered a swimming trunk hiccup in public. During the semi-final of Splash!, a television show in Britain where celebrities learn how to dive with Tom Daley, Keith Duffy experienced a swimming trunk malfunction that left thousands of viewers seeing more than they had expected.

As he was diving into the water, his trunks came completely loose, and the unfortunate incident was captured by an underwater camera and seen by thousands of live viewers. And as is the case with such an incident, it eventually found its way in the columns of several gossip online magazines and other publication, thus being seen by millions more across the world.

3. swimming trunks come loose during a charity swim event

Another hiccup involving swimming trunks occurred during a fundraising event organized by Darwen Leisure Center. The center organized a swimming event to help raise money for cancer support. Unfortunately, as participants were swimming, one of them lost his swimming trunks in the water. While he was able to find the trunks and complete his swim, there is no doubt that the incident must have left him a little embarrassed. The only consolation would be the fact that the attendance was not large, and no one managed to snap a picture or record a video.

4. dad loses Trunks at an amusement park – while with his family

Embarrasing hiccup in the water

A Florida dad is another person who has suffered a swimming trunk hiccup in public after his trunks came loose while riding a wave machine. As he was riding the artificial water wave, the machine “pulled” his trunks of his body. Helpless and unsure of what to do, he continued on riding the water wave, until a lifeguard came to his rescue, bring the trunks back to him and helping him to cover while putting on back the trunks.

Unfortunately, he was not too lucky as the incident happened before his children, and with other onlookers finding it hilarious. A video was also captured and shared online, eventually finding its way to a number of online publications.

5. 5-year old swimming trunk horror

Swimming trunks malfunctions are not only limited to the celebs nor adults. Even children can experience some embarrassing hiccups while in the water. Sometimes, some of these hiccups can also be serious to the extent of requiring urgent medical help. A five-year-old was the unfortunate victim of such a hiccup when his private parts got caught up in the netting of the swimming trunks.

The incident happened when the boy was enjoying the water in a pool during a vacation with his mother in Lanzarote. The hiccup was serious enough such that it would have led to the loss of his genitals, had urgent medical help not being given. Fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital in time for the doctors to cut him free without any permanent damage.

Tesco, the manufacturer of the swimming trunks the boy was wearing was forced to apologize for the incident and promise to launch an investigation into the incident.

What do these incidents teach you?

These swimming trunks hiccups are just small but embarrassing (and sometimes serious) incidents that are common when in the water. However, as you will notice, most of such incidents are caused mostly by one thing – using the wrong swimming trunks. These can be either swimming trunks that are too small, too large, or even faulty ones. Therefore, you can avoid them, or if not possible, minimize the risk of them occurring by wearing the right trunks (we shop at https://podencoeivissa.com/product-category/swim-shorts/) to make sure of that.

Below is a look at tips on how you can choose the right trunks for a great time in the water:

1. Always choose the right size of swimming trunks

When shopping for swimming trunks, choose the right size. Do not go with something too baggy or too small as this will be more likely to come loose while in the water.

2. Consider elastic swimming trunks

While wearing elastic swimming trunks might be something you have avoided in the past, it is a good idea to consider them as they might save you from public embarrassment. If possible, buy trunks that come with elastic waistband and drawstrings. This will offer you two layers of protection.

3. Shop for quality trunks

Buying cheap trunks from any place is a sure way of inviting embarrassing hiccups while in the water. As already mentioned, faulty (or poor quality trunks) are one of the top causes of these hiccups.

Therefore, if you want to avoid them, you should ensure that you purchase quality swimwear. There are a number of places where you can find quality swimming trunks, for example, Podenco Eivissa an online fashion store that specialized in men’s swim shorts and other accessories. Before placing an order, be sure to look through the store’s lookbook for some high-quality realistic images of the swim shorts.