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Brazil new soccer jersey

Nike officially announced the new Brazilian soccer jersey for the Brazil national team for 2012-2013 season. The new uniform is aiming to celebrate the Brazilian style and it inherits the spirit that mixing together with communion, creativity and courage for approaching, making the Brazilian national team become the most successful team in football history. Brazilian soccer team’s home uniform, nickname Amarelinha has become a respected national flag, it expresses the hope of the Brazilian and their vibrant and colorful culture.

New Jersey marks the return of the classic and traditional design. This design demonstrates the glorious history of Brazil national football. The main part of the jersey is in bright yellow with classic V-neck collar and green narrow side. Dark green broad-brimmed cuffs, the dark green part can be rolled up, and you can see the team battling motto “being born for playing football”.
Inside on the back collar of the new jersey, there is a icon designed by the Brazilian artist Don Torelly.

It depicts the outline of the Brazilian Federation of the national emblem – the Southern Cross constellation, which appeared over Rio de Janeiro in founding of the Republic of Brazil in 1889.
The green bold figure on the new jersey is made from cotton of recycled towel, its design idea is inspired by the figure on the Brazilian national bank notes. The new home shorts are in the traditional blue, with white wide stripes on the side. New home socks are in white and with green trim at the top, which improves the buffer performance that makes the players feel more comfortable and more freely and with better protection.

Adhering to the purpose of the Nike consistently high performance and low environmental hazards, every jersey of made from 100% recyclable polyester fiber which comes from the plastic bottles. The weight of the new uniforms is lighter than previous ones, up to 23% lighter than the previous uniforms. New double knit structure and yarn makes the jersey is 20% more durable than the original, but it still touches comfortable. And adding to a small amount of natural cotton also makes players feel comfortable in the jerseys. It can be said: the new jersey is a combination that is mixing advanced technology with fashion. It makes the players looks cool and full of spirit and energy, and what is more important, it makes them feel comfortable that they can play well in the games.

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