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Brazil new soccer jersey

Nike officially announced the new Brazilian soccer jersey for the Brazil national team for 2012-2013 season. The new uniform is aiming to celebrate the Brazilian style and it inherits the spirit that mixing together with communion, creativity and courage for approaching, making the Brazilian national team become the most successful team in football history. Brazilian soccer team’s home uniform, nickname Amarelinha has become a respected national flag, it expresses the hope of the Brazilian and their vibrant and colorful culture.

New Jersey marks the return of the classic and traditional design. This design demonstrates the glorious history of Brazil national football. The main part of the jersey is in bright yellow with classic V-neck collar and green narrow side. Dark green broad-brimmed cuffs, the dark green part can be rolled up, and you can see the team battling motto “being born for playing football”.
Inside on the back collar of the new jersey, there is a icon designed by the Brazilian artist Don Torelly.

It depicts the outline of the Brazilian Federation of the national emblem – the Southern Cross constellation, which appeared over Rio de Janeiro in founding of the Republic of Brazil in 1889.
The green bold figure on the new jersey is made from cotton of recycled towel, its design idea is inspired by the figure on the Brazilian national bank notes. The new home shorts are in the traditional blue, with white wide stripes on the side. New home socks are in white and with green trim at the top, which improves the buffer performance that makes the players feel more comfortable and more freely and with better protection.

Adhering to the purpose of the Nike consistently high performance and low environmental hazards, every jersey of made from 100% recyclable polyester fiber which comes from the plastic bottles. The weight of the new uniforms is lighter than previous ones, up to 23% lighter than the previous uniforms. New double knit structure and yarn makes the jersey is 20% more durable than the original, but it still touches comfortable. And adding to a small amount of natural cotton also makes players feel comfortable in the jerseys. It can be said: the new jersey is a combination that is mixing advanced technology with fashion. It makes the players looks cool and full of spirit and energy, and what is more important, it makes them feel comfortable that they can play well in the games.

I am a fan of real Madrid soccer! I like C Ronaldo very much! The way he play is intoxicating. I want to own his cheap soccer jerseys and soccer shoes.

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Cool Summer Soccer Gear

Do you ever have any of these problems while playing the great game of soccer? 

Your shin guards continuously slip down.  You sometimes use tape or other jerry rigs to fix this problem?

Well you need to check out the Sock Jockey™

The Sock Jockey™ keeps shin guards in place.  There is no need for messy tape to hold the shin guards up.  This is an excellent idea.  It is reusable and washable, so after sweating your butt off on the field just throw them in the washing machine with your uniform.  The Sock Jockey is very easy to adjust with Velcro closures.  Another benefit is that they also keep your socks in place.  After all you should not have to worry about shin guards and socks getting in the way of your play.

 How about your head hurting after heading the soccer ball a few times?  If you have this problem then you need the Header Band.

Check out the Header Band!  The inside of the header band is lined with a silicone shock absorbing pad.  This head band not only keeps the sweat out of your eyes but also protects your head when heading the soccer ball.  The circular silicone pad is perforated to allow air flow for cooling comfort.  Just think header shots no longer have to be painful!  The Header Band absorbs most of the shock and protects the head.  One size fits all.  This head band stretches to fit comfortably.  It’s made of cotton so all you need to do is wash it in cold water and let it air dry.

How about this problem- when you kick the ball your shoe laces get in the way and the ball goes in a different direction than intended.  If you have this problem then you need Hot Spots™.

Hot Spots™ improve the surface on shoe for better ball control (no laces to get in the way).  You will experience better touch, spin, and control of the soccer ball.  Also your kick becomes more powerful.  This item is a staple item with coaches and kids.  Trust me, it really works.  Hot Spots are very elastic so it is easy to pull over your shoe.  Just slip Hot Spots over front of shoe and cover the laces it’s that easy.

So before you hit the soccer field this summer get this cool gear.  They are ingenious solutions to your problems and look good on the field as well.  For information on these items and other soccer gear go to www.morleyathletic.com.

Morley Athletic Supply Company Inc. has been in business since 1931. As a fourth generation family member involved in the company, team sports is more than a job it’s an obsession. With thousands of new products being developed and marketed every year it is important to keep coaches and players updated on what’s new for their sport. I write articles to provide them with this information.

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Fall For Soccer- Soccer Predication

Congratulations This is the time for fall soccer. You are about to enter a season as a youth soccer coach that will fill you full of pride ,laughter and sometimes so much frustration you want to scream. Many coaches start a soccer predication season with a specific formation in mind. Whether it be 4-4-2, 4-3-3, or any other they know it has worked in the past and they are confident it will work in the future with any team they coach. The best and most successful coaches in any level of soccer do not select a desired formation prior to knowing their players. They build their formation and system around what their players various skills and abilities are as well as what each player brings to the team and give them free soccer tip . Soccer banners can be elaborate or simple. They come in a wide variety of sizes and different colors, fonts and font colors. Teams that are playing only for pride claim their effort and commitment will not be found wanting out of respect for other teams. This is not always the case although it is human nature to ease off and wind down safe in the knowledge that your season of expert soccer picks is effectively over. They can be generic enough to be used over and over again or be personalized with team photos, Names, dates, quotes or quips. The 1992-93 season marked the first of many competitions for the new face of UK soccer. Due to the rules governed by the FIFA the number of teams was reduced to twenty in 1995. Hold a team meeting with the parents. This is an important first step to establishing dialogue with the team giving expert soccer picks. You’ll figure out straight away who will be your staunchest allies and who may become troubling families. During this meeting you must communicate your expectations for the season. When it comes to scoring, an Italy soccer team receives three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss. When it comes to tallying the points to see which club will be crowned as champion, teams are ranked according to their total points accumulated during the season. However running for the sake of running is not advisable for your soccer practice. Since you should use expert soccer picks as a means to improve technique any running should be done with a ball. Young players generally do not like running or exercising if it’s not part of . Expert soccer picks find simple runs across the field with a soccer ball to be repetitive.

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