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Cool Summer Soccer Gear

Do you ever have any of these problems while playing the great game of soccer? 

Your shin guards continuously slip down.  You sometimes use tape or other jerry rigs to fix this problem?

Well you need to check out the Sock Jockey™

The Sock Jockey™ keeps shin guards in place.  There is no need for messy tape to hold the shin guards up.  This is an excellent idea.  It is reusable and washable, so after sweating your butt off on the field just throw them in the washing machine with your uniform.  The Sock Jockey is very easy to adjust with Velcro closures.  Another benefit is that they also keep your socks in place.  After all you should not have to worry about shin guards and socks getting in the way of your play.

 How about your head hurting after heading the soccer ball a few times?  If you have this problem then you need the Header Band.

Check out the Header Band!  The inside of the header band is lined with a silicone shock absorbing pad.  This head band not only keeps the sweat out of your eyes but also protects your head when heading the soccer ball.  The circular silicone pad is perforated to allow air flow for cooling comfort.  Just think header shots no longer have to be painful!  The Header Band absorbs most of the shock and protects the head.  One size fits all.  This head band stretches to fit comfortably.  It’s made of cotton so all you need to do is wash it in cold water and let it air dry.

How about this problem- when you kick the ball your shoe laces get in the way and the ball goes in a different direction than intended.  If you have this problem then you need Hot Spots™.

Hot Spots™ improve the surface on shoe for better ball control (no laces to get in the way).  You will experience better touch, spin, and control of the soccer ball.  Also your kick becomes more powerful.  This item is a staple item with coaches and kids.  Trust me, it really works.  Hot Spots are very elastic so it is easy to pull over your shoe.  Just slip Hot Spots over front of shoe and cover the laces it’s that easy.

So before you hit the soccer field this summer get this cool gear.  They are ingenious solutions to your problems and look good on the field as well.  For information on these items and other soccer gear go to www.morleyathletic.com.

Morley Athletic Supply Company Inc. has been in business since 1931. As a fourth generation family member involved in the company, team sports is more than a job it’s an obsession. With thousands of new products being developed and marketed every year it is important to keep coaches and players updated on what’s new for their sport. I write articles to provide them with this information.

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Summer Cricket

When the warm weather hits and the long summer afternoons set in, cricket becomes part of the Australian social fabric and lifestyle. From impromptu beach games and backyard bowling, to days in front of the TV watching our national players, cricket is an important part of the national culture and social life. A Sydney summer’s just not complete without a good dose of cricket!

If you’re visiting Sydney, then do as the locals do and set aside some time for some cricket. The hallowed turf of the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) comes alive with fans from all walks of life and is a great day out.

Here are some of the biggest games coming to Sydney. Get your tickets now!

The Vodafone Fifth Ashes Series. The Ashes Test cricket series is played between Australia and England. The series dates back to 1882, and represents one of the biggest rivalries in international cricket – both Australians and the English take this Test very seriously! The 5 Test matches are played between November 25th and January 7th, and the games last 5 days at a time. The 2010/2011 Ashes Series are played in 5 destinations. The first Test is played in Brisbane, the second in Adelaide. The third is played in Perth, and the infamous Boxing Day Test Match is held in Melbourne. Sydney hosts the fifth Test match, held at the SCG from January 3rd to January 7th. You can get a ticket for the whole 5 days. Or, if one day of cricket is enough, you can buy daily tickets. There is a range of Sydney accommodation that is within easy distance of the SCG.

One Day Internationals. Sydney will host two one day international games between Australia and England. These games are part of the Commonwealth Bank Series played over January and February. The Sydney games will be played on Sunday, January 23rd and Wednesday, February 2nd at the SCG.

If you can’t make it to one of the games in person, don’t worry! There are pubs all over Sydney airing the games. Or, you can watch from the comfort of your own home or your accommodation in Sydney.

Once you’ve picked up a few tips from the professionals, head down to a Sydney beach for another Australian tradition and play a friendly game of beach cricket. If you’re coming to Sydney in summer, then you have to watch and play cricket. It’s just not summer without it!

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