Tennis Serves

Serves are an important part to anyone’s tennis game. Your serves will set the tone for the match, because if you cannot win games with your serve, it will be a tough match. It is to your advantage to have a strong serve. It is also beneficial to be able to surprise your opponent with different types of serves.

Take a look at videos on tennis serves for an idea of what these different types of tennis serves are that you can implement into your tennis strategy.

Just to give you a better idea, read on for more information about each different type of serve.

Flat Serve

These tennis serves are simple and easy to replicate. This is a power serve in which no spin is used. You will want to use your legs for momentum and push forward through the ball. In this case, it is important to bend the knees and snap the wrist after being in contact with the ball. This will bring the serve down and avoid serves from going out.

Top Spin Serve

The goal of the top spin serve is to have net clearance so that the serve is higher over the net for the ball to not land into the net. The motion used on this serve is a “brush up” motion, which can be thought of as tracing one’s head from the neck to the forehead. With this motion, you are brushing against the top of the ball at contact.

Slice Serve

The slice serve is a more accurate serve, which has a high difficulty level for opponents to return. The motion you want to use would be as if you are throwing a dart forward. This serve has a special type of sound to it that sounds like a “click”. This motion is almost lik ea top spin serve, but you are brushing against the side of the ball versus the top.

Under Spin Serve

This under spin serve is also known as the under hand serve. Most beginners like to use this when playing their first few matches. The motion is a lot easier to learn as compared to the serves discussed above. The under spin serve has extreme spin on it and can be done without extra movement of the legs. If you are having issues with your leg cramping up in matches, you can use this serve to your advantage. It also gives you the advantage in that it is not that easy to return.

Kick Serve

The kick serve is a special serve that initially bounces and “kicks” to the opposite side. By “kick” I mean that the ball looks like it will bounce in one simple direction, but it actually bounces to the opposite side. This serve is used to throw off the opponent and keep them guessing as to where the ball will bounce. If you can master this serve, you will definitely have the advantage when it is your serve during the match.

It is imperative to first understand the fundamentals of tennis serves in order to better achieve the serves mentioned above. Also, getting free critiques on your serves will help you improve your game in terms of knowing what you are doing right and/or wrong. Good luck with your tennis serves!

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