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What You Will Need For Outdoor Motorsports Photography

There are several outdoor motorsports that benefit from certain camera accessories for photography. Housings and cases are certainly necessary, as dust, dirt, and mud commonly get on the camera at the event. Filters provide some interesting dynamics to the shots that are not available in editing. Many more great tricks can be captured with additional accessories for you outdoor camera.

Neutral Density Filters

If you can get out of the grime and gunk, to a wider shot of a trick, then a neutral density filter adds some additional effects. Speed trails, slightly exaggerated foregrounds, and the illusion of motion make this the perfect filter for these kinds of shots. They are also fantastic if you compete in RC racing. The camera and filter can sit on several of these vehicles, including gyrocopters and racecars. Neutral density filters also reduce bumpy or wobbling shots with any of these sports, like a regular frame rate camera would.


As with most other outdoor sports, light reflections are going to cause an issue for your camera. Polarization lenses help in many respects with glares and sun spots. Water reflections are especially bad with higher grade cameras. A well-crafted waterski trick or run recording can be rendered useless with just a few poorly timed glints. It also makes many colors stand out more vibrantly in the foreground of the frame when you use this lens. Shots with you wearing a helmet or in front of a windshield should also use a polarization filter.


If you are going to be in the mud, then you definitely need to have your camera well attached to something. There are a few options here. You can either attach it to the helmet of the driver, which usually keeps it out of the mud or dust, or put it on the side of the vehicle where it runs the risk of being scratched or broken. Some vehicles may also offer the option to place the camera on a pole, or similar bracket in the back and offer a third-person view.

Extra Battery Life And Strength

If you are filming or photographing outdoor motorsports, your camera will need to be hardy. Battery life is important, so you do not miss out on choice moments later in the day or event. The weight of the extra battery is not often an issue in these cases. The casing must also be able to take a large amount of wear and tear to protect to camera.

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